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Tips for betting on cricket

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in history. It originated in Asia. Cricket games comprise two teams each consisting of eleven players. The game has a fielding and bowling side, and a batting side. Betway covers cricket games from different countries. Amateur punters need to understand the game to win bets. Read this detailed guide to hone your cricket betting skills.

Cricket Formats

Gamblers need to distinguish between international and domestic cricket. Cricket has three popular formats. The International Cricket Council (ICC) governs tournaments between associate and full member countries. Here are three famous cricket formats;

  • Test Cricket: Most test matches last five days. It provides punters with enough time to create a nice betting strategy. Ten countries including Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe play Test Cricket. One Test match has fifteen sessions.
  • Popular Test Rivalries: The Ashes is the oldest type of live cricket series. It features Australia and England. Now, each country organizes a Test series made up of five games, once per four years. The series includes away and home games. Many people who bet on cricket at Betway specialize in Ashes cricket.
  • One-day Cricket: T20 and ODI are less prominent than Test cricket. But, many fans from the Middle East and Asia like watching the white ball and colored clothing cricket. In an ODI, the teams play the first inning in the afternoon and the second inning at night. Captains can position two fielders beyond the thirty-yard circle. T20 is more popular than ODI cricket.

Cricket Odds

The odds show the likelihood of an outcome. It is necessary to understand the betting odds to be a successful cricket gambler. Bookies multiply the odds with the stake to determine your winnings.

Types of Cricket Bets

The following are the most popular bets that punters place on cricket games:

  • Match outcome: Support the side that has a higher winning probability. Test matches have three possible outcomes. They include home win, draw and away win. You can wager on the series score or match-winner.
  • Highest opening partnership: Some batsmen struggle to understand certain bowlers. So, it is advisable to research how a batsman performs when facing particular bowlers.
  • Leading run-scorer: Gamblers can bet on the top run-scorer in a match or individual innings. The market has a high-profit margin. It has different trends like the top run-scorers in the top three positions.
  • Man of the Match: Some cricket players are known for their prowess. They have exceptional batting and bowling skills. Study the current form of players and a team’s lineup to determine which player might be the Man of the Match.

Betting Strategy

There are different strategies that punters can use. But, it is wise to consider the in-play value, ground history, player and team form to create an effective betting strategy. Playing conditions influence the outcome of all cricket games. For example, draws are likely to occur during the rainy season.Cricket is prominent in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Each year, different countries organize hundreds of cricket tournaments. Cricket fans can get the latest match updates on Betway. Also, you can check tips on international and local competitions from genuine tipsters. It is wise to have a budget for your cricket bets to avoid chasing loses.

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