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Cricket Jobs

We are the world leader in presenting cricket related job opportunities. So, whether you seeking a job within cricket, or you’re an organisation trying to find the best candidates for your role, we’re here to help you.

Searching for a job?

Step 1: Scroll through the many cricket related job opportunities we have listed below. If you find one you like, you can apply via the details in the advert. Just be sure to mention us in your application.

Step 2: Sign up to our candidate database. Simply email sam.lavery@thecricketpaper.co.uk with your name, contact details, the type of job you’re searching for, along with brief details of any relevant experience and qualifications. Don’t worry, we wont let anyone know you’re registered with us without asking you first.

Trying to fill an important vacancy within your organisation?

Option 1: Simply email sam.lavery@thecricketpaper.co.uk with a link to the advert or job description and we’ll post it online FREE of charge within 24 hours.

Option 2: You can have your vacancy listed within our weekly publication “The Cricket Paper”. It a weekly readership in excess of 34,000 people with a specific interest in cricket. Call Sam Lavery on (+44) 7891 508 618, to discuss pricing options.

Option 3: We can push your vacancy out through all our forms of media (print newspaper, online adverts, social media accounts, etc), as well as utilising our extensive database of contacts. We can speak to individuals who we know are searching for jobs in your sector, collate applications and shortlist candidates, taking you straight through to the interview stage. Use the contact details above to discuss how we can give you bespoke support in your search.

Current job opportunities within cricket:

Head Coach – Berkhamstead CC (UK), closing 15/9/19

Director – Auckland Cricket (NZ), closing 10/9/19

Senior Cricket Trader – Lonstek Ltd (UK), closing 6/9/19

Junior Cricket Trader – Lonstek Ltd (UK), closing 6/9/19

Women in Sport Officer – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closing 5/9/19

Cricket Development Officer – Galloway CC (UK), closing 31/8/19

Director of Digital and Data – ECB (UK), closing 30/8/19

High Performance Manager – Auckland Cricket Association (NZ), closing 30/8/19

Corporate and Group Sales Manager – Sydney Thunder (AUS), closing 30/8/19

City Programme Executive – ECB (UK), closing 30/8/19

Convenor of Selection – Cricket South Africa (SA), closing 30/8/19

Graduate Role, Match Officials and Premier League Administrator – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closing tbc

Coaching Franchise Opportunity – TFCC (UK), closing tbc

Directors – Cricket Wellington (NZ), closing 29/8/19

Ticketing and Membership Sales Specialist – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 29/8/19

Commercial Partnerships Manager – NZ Cricket (NZ), closing tbc

Performance Cricket Coach – University of Worcester (UK), closing 28/8/19

UX Designer – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 27/8/19

Participation and Growth Manager – Oxfordshire Cricket (UK), 26/8/19

Physical Performance Coach – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 26/8/19

Community Cricket Competitions Administrator – WACA (AUS), closing 26/8/19

Network Coach – Canterbury Cricket (NZ), closing 26/8/19

Development Activator – Waikato Cricket (NZ), closing 26/9/19

Project Manager – Endeavour IMG (UK / IND), closing 25/8/19

Sales and Marketing Director – ECB (UK), closing 25/8/19

Sales Manager – All Rounder Sports (UK), closing tbc

Supply Chain Manager – Cricket South Africa (SA), closing 23/8/19

Events and Operations Assistant – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 23/8/19

Multiple International Coaching Roles – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 23/8/19

Lead Graphic Designer – Warwickshire CCC (UK), closing 23/8/19

Accreditation Coordinator – WACA (AUS), closing 23/8/19

Domestic Coaches – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 23/8/19

Head Coach – Southland Boys High (NZ), closing 23/8/19

Performance Director – ECB (UK), closing 23/8/19

T20 Head Coach – Central Stags (NZ), closing 21/8/19

Chief Executive – The PCA (UK), closing tbc

CEO – Cricket Scotland (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Umpires – Perth Cricket Association (AUS), closing tbc

Match Day MC – NZ Cricket (NZ), closing tbc

2nd XI Coach – Worcestershire CCC (UK), closing tbc

Participation Manager – Yorkshire South Premier League (UK), closing tbc

Commercial Manager, Media Rights and Broadcasting – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 18/8/19

Head of Cricket – Loretto School (UK), closing 18/8/1

Admin and Activation Assistant – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 18/8/19

Event Coordinator – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 18/8/19

Video Assistant – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 18/8/19

Marketing and Digital Officer – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 18/8/19

Communication Coordinator – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 18/8/19

Video Producer – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 18/8/19

Premier Mens Coach – Waitakere CC (NZ), closing 17/8/19

Assistant Coach – Northern Spirit (NZ), closing 16/8/19

Premier Cricket Development Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 16/8/19

Cricket Coach – Chris Harrison School Sport (UK), closing 16/8/19

Participation Officer – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 16/8/19

Physio – Canterbury Cricket (NZ), closing 16/8/19

Operations Specialist – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 16/8/19

Temporary Events Administrator – ECB (UK), closing 16/8/19

Disability Cricket Medical Services Lead – ECB (UK), closing 16/8/19

Club Officer – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 14/8/19

Marketing Manager – MCC (UK), closing 14/8/19

Sales Executive – Nottinghamshire CCC (UK), closing 13/8/19

National Head Coach – Afghanistan Cricket Board (AFG), closing 12/8/19

Social Media Manager – ECB (UK), closing 12/8/19

Event Ticketing Systems Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 12/8/19

Conference Administrator – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 12/8/19

Appointed Board Director – Queensland Cricket (AUS), 12/8/19

Director, Cricket – Endeavour IMG (UK / IND), closing 11/8/19

Deputy Catering Manager – Glamorgan CCC (UK), closing 9/8/19

Digital Advertising Specialist – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 9/8/19

Head of Digital – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 9/8/19

Head of Talent Pathway – Kent CCC (UK), closing 8/8/19

Head Coach, The Hundred – Surrey Cricket (UK), closing 8/8/19

Lecturer in Cricket and Sport – Myerscough College (UK), closing 8/8/19

Safeguarding Case Officer – ECB (UK), closing 6/8/19

Head Coach – Sydney Thunder (AUS), closing 6/8/19

Graphic Designer – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 5/8/19

WHS Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 5/8/19

CRM Functional – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 5/8/19

Event Production and Customer Services Manager – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Warehouse and Supply Chain Manager – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Electrical Technician – Batfast (UK), closing date tbc

Senior Team Leader – Batfast (UK), closing date tbc

Operations Manager – National Counties Cricket Association (UK), closing 2/8/19

Cricket Development Officer x 2 – North Otago Cricket Association (NZ), closing 2/8/19

NCS Manager – Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (UK), closing 2/8/19

1st XI Scorer – Sussex Cricket (UK), closing 1/8/19

2nd XI Scorer – Sussex Cricket (UK), closing 1/8/19

Community Activator Apprenticeship x 4 – Middlesex CCC (UK), closing 1/8/19

Commercial Partnerships Coordinator – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 31/7/19

Account Manager, Partnerships – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 31/7/19

Stadium Manager – Leicestershire CCC (UK), closing 31/7/19

Men’s Senior National Team Coaching and Support staff, Multiple Roles – BCCI (IND), closing 30/7/19

U19 Head Coach – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 30/7/19

High Performance Coordinator – Sydney Sixers, closing 29/7/19

Clubs Officer, South – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closing 29/7/19

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – WACA (AUS), closing 29/7/19

Head Cricket Coach – Anglia Ruskin University (UK), closing 29/8/19

Legal Officer – Asian Cricket Council (UAE), closing 27/7/19

Head of Digital Products and Operations – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 26/7/19

Head of Digital Assets and Content – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 26/7/19

Head of Brand, Marketing and Fan Experience – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 26/7/19

Community Cricket Officer – WACA (AUS), closing 26/7/19

Umpire Development Specialist – WACA (AUS), closing 26/7/19

General Manager High Performance – WACA (AUS), closing 26/7/19

Receptionist – MCC (UK), closing 26/719

Marketing Executive – MCC (UK), closing 25/7/19

Cricket Analyst, Brisbane – Opta (AUS), closing tbc

Cricket Analyst, Wrangarei – Opta (NZ), closing tbc

Cricket Analyst, Christchurch – Opta (NZ), closing tbc

Cricket Analyst, Canberra – Opta (AUS), closing tbc

First XI Player – Sutton CC (UK), closing 24/7/19

Senior Manager, Media and Communications – ICC (UAE), closing 23/7/19

Community Competitions and Special Projects – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), 22/7/19

Senior CRM Functional Consultant – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 21/7/19

Strategy Consultant and Analyst – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 21/7/19

Membership Experience and Sales Officer – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 2/7/19

Cricket Trader – Mustard Systems (UK), closing tbc

Catering Operations Manager – MCC (UK) closing 19/7/19

Head of Cricket / 1st XI Coach – St Josephs College (AUS), closing 19/7/19

Club and Community Cricket Coach – Devon CB (UK), closing 19/7/19

Disability Development Officer – Hampshire Cricket (UK), closing 19/7/19

Conference and Events Sales Executive – Surrey CCC (UK), closing 19/7/19

Senior Finance Executive – Surrey CCC (UK), closing 19/7/19

Safeguarding Officer – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closing 19/7/19

Technical Lead – MCC (UK), closing 19/7/19

Events Manager – WACA (AUS), closing 18/7/19

Wicketz Development Officer – Devon CB (UK), closing 15/7/19

Casual Cricket Officer – South Australia Cricket Association (AUS), closing 15/7/19

Club and Workforce Development Officer – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closing 15/7/19

Ground Staff – MCC (UK), closing 12/7/19

Events Coordinator – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 12/7/19

Grounds Person – WACA (AUS), closing 12/7/19

Area Manager – South Australia Cricket Association (AUS), closing 12/7/19

Community Cricket Coach – Sussex Cricket (UK), closing 11/7/19

Research and Programme Officer – Chance to Shine (UK), closing 11/7/19

Cricket Manager – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 11/7/19

Community Cricket Officer – NT Cricket (AUS), closing 10/7/19

Assistant Producer, Digital and Media – BCCI (IND), closing 10/7/19

Assistant Editor, Digital and Media – BCCI (IND), closing 10/7/19

Design and CMS Manager, Digital and Media BCCI (IND), closing 10/7/19

Digital Manager – ECB (UK), closing date 10/7/19

Disability Development Officer – Hampshire Cricket (UK), closing 9/7/19

Office Administrator – Sussex Cricket (UK), closing 9/7/19

Trust Community Coach – Nottinghamshire CCC (UK), closing 8/7/19

Head of Cricket – The Stephen Purse Foundation (UK), closing 8/7/19

Cricket Social Media Intern – Bolt Global (UK), closing tbc

Grass Roots Cricket Fund Activation Specialist – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing tbc

Master in Charge of Cricket – RGS Buckingham (UK), closing 8/7/19

UX Designer, Mobile – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 8/7/19

Senior Manager, Executive Operations – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 7/7/19

Conference Administrator, 2 roles – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 8/7/19

General Manager, High Performance – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closing 7/7/19

Participation Officer – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 7/7/19

Video Editor – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 7/7/19

Event Specialist – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 5/7/19

Cricket Statistician – BCCI (IND), closing. 5/7/19

Office Administrator – Sussex CCC (UK), closing 4/7/19

CEO – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 3/7/19

Coach Learning Specialist – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 3/7/19

Senior Finance Executive – Surrey Cricket (UK), closing 2/7/19

Digital Marketing Manager – Nottinghamshire CCC (UK), closing 1/7/19

Specialist Cricket Coach – Performance Cricket (UK), closing 1/7/19

Delivery Lead – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 1/7/19

Operations Executive – Yorkshire CCC (UK), closing 1/7/19

Broadcast Manager – ECB (UK), closing 29/6/19

Team Liaison Officer – Cricket Scotland (UK), closing 28/6/19

Match Officials Liaison Officer – Cricket Scotland (UK), closing 28/6/19

Development Manager – ICC Europe (UK), closing 27/6/19

Conference and Events Sales Executive – Surrey Cricket (UK), closing 26/6/19

Finance Assistant, Temporary – Surrey Cricket (UK), closing tbc

Retail Assistant – Allrounder Cricket (UK), closing 24/6/19

Fan and Community Coordinator – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closing 23/6/19

Sales Manager – Wombat Cricket (UK), closing tbc

Engagement Officer – Oxfordshire Cricket (UK), closing 21/6/19

Cricket Coach – Pudsey St Lawrence CC (UK), closing tbc

Tournament Event Manager – Cricket Scotland (UK), closing 21/6/19

Head of Digital Products and Operations – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 21/6/19

Head of Digital Assets and Content – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 21/6/19

Cricket Social Media Intern – Bolt Global (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Coach – Kreation Station (UK), closing tbc

Junior Cricket and Zone Admin Coordinator – Cricket ACT (AUS), closing 20/6/19

Cricket Development Manager – Kumeu CC (NZ), closing 20/6/19

Casual Community Cricket Officer (multiple roles) – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 19/6/19

Venue Operations Manager – Nottinghamshire CCC (UK), closing 19/6/19

Casual Community Cricket Officer – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 19/6/19

Competitions Administrator – WACA (AUS), closing 18/6/19

Casual Community Cricket Officer – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 17/6/19

Credit Controller – Yorkshire CCC (UK), closing 17/6/19

Academy Cricket Coach – Whitgift School (UK), closing 17/6/19

Assistant Catering and Hospitality Manager – Derbyshire CCC (UK), closing 16/6/19

Participation Officer – Middlesex CCC (UK), closing 16/5/19

Marketing Manager – ECB (UK), closing 16/6/19

Emergency Care Coordinator – ECB (UK), closing 14/6/19

Physiotherapist – Queensland Fire (AUS), closing 14/6/19

White Ferns Head Coach – NZ Cricket (NZ), closing tbc

Wicketz Development Officer – Lord Taverners (UK), closing 13/6/19

Community Cricket Officer – WACA (AUS), closing 12/6/19

Cricket Regulation Executive – ECB (UK), closing 12/6/19

Senior Match Operations Officer – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 10/6/19

Women’s Coach – Parnell CC (NZ), closing 10/6/19

Communications Manager – MCC (UK), closing 9/6/19

Trading Analyst – Sportsradar (UK), closing tbc

Social Media Manager – ECB (UK), closing 6/6/19

Physiotherapist – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 5/6/19

Facilities and Equipment Coordinator – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 5/6/19

Player Development Manager, High Performance – WACA (AUS), closing 5/6/19

Conference Events and Sales Manager – Durham CCC (UK), closing 4/6/19

Curator – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closing 2/6/19

Clubs and Competition Specialist – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 2/6/19

Participation Specialist – Cricket NSW (UK), closing 2/6/19

Player Development Manager – Cricket NSW (UK), closing 2/6/19

Men’s National Assistant Coach – Cricket Scotland (UK), closing 2/6/19

Cricket Coach – Manchester Met University (UK), closing 31/5/19

High Performance Coach – Cricket ACT (AUS), closing 31/5/19

CEO – Cricket Namibia (NAM), closing 31/5/19

Leinster Lightning Head Coach and Performance Pathway Manager – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closing 31/5/19

Assistant Management Accountant, Catering – MCC (UK), closing 31/5/19

Assistant Management Accountant, Commercial and Stock Controller – MCC (UK), closing 31/5/19

Project Manager – MCC (UK), closing 31/5/19

Specialist Door Supervisor, Cricket World Cup – Vespasian Security (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Coach – England Sports Group (UK), closing tbc

Event Presentation Manager, The Hundred – ECB (UK), closing 31/5/19

Customer Services Assistant – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Coach – Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy (UK), closing tbc

Catering Duty Manager – Gloucestershire CCC (UK), closing tbc

Engineering Summer Internship – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Women’s Cricket Coach – Hong Kong Cricket (HK), closing 31/5/19

High Performance Coach – Cricket ACT (AUS), closing 31/5/19

Head of Female Participation – ECB (UK), closing 30/5/19

Head Batting Coach – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 30/5/19

Head Coach – NSW Breakers (AUS), closing 30/5/19

Customer Services Coordinator – WACA (AUS), closing 29/5/19

Fan Engagement Manager, Headingley and Old Trafford – ECB (UK), closing 27/5/19

Fan Engagement Manager, Cardiff – ECB (UK), closing 27/5/19

Fan Engagement Manager, Southampton – ECB (UK), closing 27/5/19

Fan Engagement Manager, Edgbaston and Trent Bridge – ECB (UK), closing 27/5/19

Cricket Operations Manager – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closing 27/5/19

Marketing and Communications Manager – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 26/5/19

High Performance Coach – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closing 26/5/19

Event Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 24/5/19

National Facilities Manager – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closing 24/5/19

Ticketing Manager, The Hundred – ECB (UK), closing 24/5/19

Security Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 24/5/19

Membership Assistant – MCC (UK), closing 24/5/19

Non Executive Director – Glamorgan CCC (UK), closing 22/5/19

Payroll Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 22/5/19

Fast Bowling Coach – BCCI (IND), closing 20/5/19

Stores Supervisor Administrator – BCCI (IND), closing 20/5/19

Batting Coach – BCCI (IND), closing 20/5/19

Head of Cricket Education – BCCI (IND), closing 20/5/19

Physiotherapist – BCCI (IND), closing 20/5/19

Fundraising Assistant – Chance to Shine (UK), closing 20/5/19

Sales Specialist – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 20/5/19

Head Coach, National Academy – BCCI (IND), closing 20/5/19

Fulfilment Services Coordinator – Cricket Australia (UK), closing 20/5/19

Admin Manager, Cricket and Sports Science – BCCI (IND), closing 20/5/19

Assistant / Academy S & C Coach – Northamptonshire CCC (UK), closing 19/5/19

Youth Championship Officer – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 19/5/19

Match Experience Specialist – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 19/5/19

Strength and Conditioning Coach – BCCI (IND), closing 18/5/19

Head Chef – Derbyshire CCC (UK), closing 17/5/19

Digital Product Manager – ECB (UK), closing 17/5/19

Coaching and Talent Development Specialist – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 17/5/19

Juniors Coach – Premier Sport (UK), closing tbc

Facilities Manager – Headingley Cricket (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Coach – GD Goenka Signature School (IND), closing tbc

Cricket Coaches – Supersportz (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Data Analyst – Bettor Believe (UK), closing tbc

Sales Team Member – Masuri (UK), closing tbc

Director – Arundal Castle Cricket Foundation (UK), closing 17/5/19

Developer – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 17/5/19

Admin Assistant – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 15/5/19

Head Cricket Coach – South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (UK), closing 14/5/19

Scorer – Uxbridge CC (UK), closing tbc

Ticketing Office Manager – Nottinghamshire CCC (UK), closing 13/5/19

Competition Officer – Surrey CCC (UK), closing 13/5/19

Content Assistant – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing 12/5/19

Events and Team Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing tbc

Casual Coaches – Leicestershire Cricket Board (UK), closing tbc

Assistant Manager – Lord’s Tavern, MCC (UK), closing 10/5/19

Technology Programme Manager – MCC (UK), closing 10/5/19

Head of Cricket – Thomas’s Battersea (UK), closing 10/5/19

Men’s Head Coach – Hong Kong Cricket (HK), closing 10/5/19

Cricket Marketing Executive – Lancashire CCC (UK), closing 10/5/19

Graphic Designer – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 8/5/19

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – Lords Taverners (UK), closing 8/5/19

First Team Physio – Sussex CCC (UK), closing 6/5/19

Academy Physio – Sussex CCC (UK), closing 6/5/19

Commercial Partnerships Manager – ECB (UK), closing 5/5/19

Various Sales Position – Hilton @ The Ageas Bowl (UK), closing tbc

Accounts Payable Officer – Cricket Australia (AUSS), closing 3/5/19

Independent Directors, Womens World Cup – Cricket NZ (NZ), closing 3/5/19

Security Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closing tbc

Events Coordinator – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Full Stack Python Developer – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Project Manager – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Senior Team Leader – Batfast (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Manager – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closing 1/5/19

Operations Manager – Chance to Shine (UK), closing 1/5/19

Funding Administrator – ECB (UK), closing 1/5/19

Membership Assistant – MCC (UK), closing 30/4/19

Head Coach and Talent ID Manager – Auckland Hearts (NZ), closing 29/4/19

Head of Business Support – Nottinghamshire CCC (UK), closing 29/4/19

Community Coach – Wiltshire Cricket (UK), closing 29/4/19

Clubs Officer – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 28/4/19

Cricket Systems Operator – Hawk Eye Innovations (UK), closing date 28/4/19

Cricket Coach – Sports Nut (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Coach – Lions Sports Academy (UK), closing tbc

EPOS Administrator – MCC (UK), closing 27/4/19 (UK), closing tbc

Cricket Coach – First Class Cricket Academy (UK), closing 26/4/19

Women’s and Girls Development Officer – North West Cricket Union (UK), closing 26/4/19

Commercial Director – Pakistan Cricket Board (PAK), closing 26/4/19

Pastoral Graduate (Sport) – Ampleforth College (UK), closing 26/4/19

Graphic Designer – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closing 26/4/19

Head Coach (Cricket) – Durham University (UK), closing 25/4/19

Graduate Sports Assistant (Cricket) – Downside School (UK), closing 25/4/19

Project Officer – Cricket South Africa (SA), closing 24/4/19

Level 3 Coach – Slough CC (UK), closing tbc

Street Coach – Dorset CB (UK), closing tbc

Head of Cricket (with Humanities) – Shrewsbury House Prep School (UK), closing 23/4/19

Women’s and Girls Cricket Development Coach – Lancashire CCC (UK), closing 22/4/19

Admin Assistant – Cricket Victoria (AUS), Closing 22/4/19

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – The Lord Taverners (UK), closing 22/4/19

Head of Comms. and Digital – Chance to Shine (UK), closing 22/4/18

Customers Support Advisor – ECB (UK), closing 22/4/19

IT Product Manager – ECB (UK), closing 22/4/19

Senior Physio – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 22/4/19

Customer Operations Executive – Yorkshire CCC (UK), closing 22/4/19

Director of Professional Game – ECB (UK), closing 20/4/19

Pathways Specialist – Northern Territory’s Cricket (AUS), closing 19/4/19

Comms. and Digital Assistant – Chance to Shine (UK), closing 19/4/19

HR Manager – Nottinghamshire CCC (UK), closing 19/4/19

Play Cricket Helpdesk Supervisor – ECB (UK), closing 19/4/19

CEO – Gauteng Cricket Board (SA), closing 18/4/19

Women’s Team Operations Manager – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closing 17/4/19

Apprentice Groundsperson – Sussex Cricket (UK), closing 17/4/19

Digital Audience Manager – ECB (UK), closing 15/4/19

Casual Development Officer – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing tbc

Head of Participation – Cricket Scotland (UK), closing 15/4/19

Head of Match Operations and Events – Cricket NSW (AUS), closing 14/4/19

Physiotherapist – WACA (AUS), closed

Communications and Marketing Coordinator – Northern Territory Cricket (AUS), closed

Chief Financial Officer – Cricket South Africa (SA), closed

Internal Audit and Risk Manager – Cricket South Africa (SA), closed

Girls Talent Pathway Lead – Cumbria Cricket (UK), closed

Procurement Business Partner – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Strategy Advisor – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Head of Cricket Data – unknown (UK), closed

Assistant Coach – Saffron Walden CC (UK), closed

UX and Design Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Pastry Sous Chef – MCC (UK), closed

Cricket Coach – Elite Cricket Coaching Ltd (UK), closed

Cricket Coach – The Platform Programme (UK), closed

Batting Coach – NZ Cricket (NZ), closed

Cricket Data Analyst – Bettor Believe (UK), closed

Independent Non Exec. Director – ECB (UK), closed

Customer Marketing Manager – ECB (UK), closed

Technical Lead – MCC (UK), closed

Senior Customer Marketing Manager – ECB (UK), closed

Strategy and Insights Manager – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Head of Venue Business – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Developer – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Media and Marketing Internship – Glamorgan CCC (UK), closed

Hospitality and Catering Manager – Glamorgan CCC (UK), closed

Pathways Strength and Conditioning Coach – Surrey CCC (UK), closed

Legal Counsel – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Logistics Kitchen Assistant – MCC (UK), closed

Managing Director – The PCA (UK), closed

Communications and PR Manager – ECB (UK), closed

Hartlepool Cricket Development Officer – The Lord’s Taverners / Durham CB (UK), closed

Maintenance Technician – Durham CCC (UK), closed

Head Coach – South Hampstead CC Juniors (UK), closed

Chef de Partie – Lancashire CCC (UK), closed

Community Cricket Development Coach – Cambridgeshire Cricket (UK), closed

Women’s Talent Pathway Manager – Hong Kong Cricket (HK), closed

Head of Hospitality Operations – MCC (UK), closed

Event Billing Adminstrator – MCC (UK), closed

Part Time Advertising Sales Exec. – Cricket Yorkshire (UK), closed

Area Manager – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closed

Area Manager – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closed

Coaching and Talent Specialist – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closed

Participation Officer – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closed

HR Manager – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closed

Event Manager – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closed

Various Coaching Roles – Cricket Wellington (NZ), closed

Head Coach – Auckland Aces (NZ), closed

Physical Performance Coach – WACA (AUS), closed

Cricket Coach – All Sports London (UK), closed

C and P Porter Supervisor – Lancashire CCC (UK), closed

Executive General Manager, National Teams – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Executive General Manager, High Performance – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

Regional Head Coach – Middlesex CCC (UK), closed

Head Coach Female Pathway and Assistant Coach Female Elite Programs – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closed

Talent and Pathway Manager – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closed

Media and Marketing Exec. – Derbyshire CCC (UK), closed

Conference and Events Sales Exec. – Surrey CCC (UK), closed

Events Coordinator – Cricket Scotland (UK), closed

Assistant Grounds Person – Worcestershire CCC (UK), closed

Casual Development Officer – Cricket NSW (AUS), closed

Finance Assistant – Sussex CCC (UK), closed

General Manager, Corporate Services – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closed

Assistant Groundsperson – Sussex CCC (UK), closed

Cricket Development Manager – Marlborough CA (NZ), closed

Assistant Groundsperson – Northants CCC (UK), closed

Clubs and Competition Lead – Cricket NSW (AUS), closed

Cricket Academy Casual Coach – MCC, Lords (UK), closed

Schools Cricket Activator – Hampshire Cricket (UK), closed

Match Referee – Cricket Ireland (IRE), closed

Merchandise and Ticketing Officer – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closed

Membership Officer – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closed

Cricket Operations Manager – Kent CCC (UK). closed

Community Cricket Coach – Gloucestershire CB (UK), closed

Communications Executive – PCA (UK), closed

PA Announcer – Lancashire CCC (UK), closed

Cricket Operations Officer – ICC (AUS), closed

Club and Partnership Development Manager – Northern Cricket Union (UK), closed

Club Grounds Person – Clydesdale Cricket and Hockey Club (UK), closed

CEO – ICC Women’s World Cup 2021 – ICC / NZ Cricket (NZ), closed

Curator – MCC, Lords (UK), closed

State Field Force Manager – Queensland Cricket (AUS), closed

Office Manager – NT Cricket (AUS), closed

Cricket Manager – Munster Cricket Union (IRE), closed

Finance and Accounts Manager – Cricket Victoria (AUS), closed

Head of Safe Guarding – ECB (UK), closed

Event Manager – Cricket Tasmania (AUS), closed

Head of Cricket Development – Downside School (UK), closed

Head of Team Performance Communications – Cricket Australia (AUS), closed

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