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A Massive Year Of Live Cricket Ahead

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Jason Holder

Sports are fun and all, but cricket is definitely something else. Watching players bat that little ball is a different kind of entertainment, and this is why cricket has been gaining much popularity over the past few years. Despite a troublesome last year filled with too much controversy, the momentum of the sport and its ever-growing fan base continue to march on. This year promises to be quite an exciting year, with several intriguing tournaments and matches lined up in what should be a very interesting year for cricket fans all over the world.

The Long Awaited Cricket World Cup!

We’re already some days into the most exciting cricket tournament of the year, The ICC Cricket World Cup. It started on May 30, and it’ll be going on till July 14, so there’s still much fun to soak in if you’ve missed the earlier rounds. You should do yourself a favor and get a cricket TV guide so you can stay on top of the live events. Most games start at 10:30 in the morning, UK time, and this year’s tournament promises to be quite the exciting sporting event. The final will be on July 14th, and to get there the teams will have to go through several grueling, and entertaining, rounds. The cricket world cup is held every four years, and each tournament shows more excitement than the one before it, and this year is certainly living up to its expectation.

Australia is the world’s most successful team in the world cup, with 5 previous titles, including the last world cup in 2015. They’ve been doing quite well during this year’s competition, but they have some fierce competition thus far. In any case, it’s too soon to tell who’ll be the eventual winner, but if you’re new to the sport, keep an eye on the Australian team for some memorable performances. 

Women’s Ashes: A new Experience!

This year will also see the elite cricket tournament for the ladies, The Women’s Ashes. It’s held between the teams of England and Australia, and this year’s event will be taking place from July 24th to 26th.

Matches You Can’t Miss!

The cool thing about cricket is the fact that not all exciting matches are held in tournaments. There are individual matches that are just as every bit as exciting as bigger events. The first week of August sees England taking on Australia in a series of matches that should be quite exciting, because the English team is also very good and will definitely give the Australians a run for their money. They’ll be facing off in several other matches throughout the year as well.

This is Definitely Cricket’s year!

This is definitely an important year for cricket, and the number and impact of games played will show in the ratings. There are plenty of exciting matches up ahead, and this might be a good time to get into cricket, because the quality of the matches played this year will definitely have you hooked on the sport in no time. Cricket does have its quirks, but it can be quite gripping and exciting for first-time viewers, so take advantage of that and go explore this very interesting sport.

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