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England heroes will inspire new generation of spectators

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England beat New Zealand to win the World Cup for the first time in what will go down as one of the most bizarre encounters of all time – and it’s the perfect opportunity to inspire and attract the younger generation to Cricket.

Despite the scores remaining level after the super over, England emerged victorious on the basis of scoring more boundaries throughout the match – 26 to New Zealand’s 17. It was such a thrilling encounter that even non-cricket fans were glued to their T.V screens, routing for England to bring it home.

Reaching the final of any World Cup would always captivate and entice the nation but winning it in our home country at Lord’s made it that little bit sweeter. Those who were watching experienced tension, fluctuating heart rates and an overwhelming sense of pride and joy, bringing out emotions spectators did not realise they had associated to Cricket.

The 2005 Ashes triumph over Australia was the last time the country saw such drama when 8.4 million people witnessed the incredible scenes towards the end of the series. Viewership readings never got close to that until Sunday’s World Cup Final, with a peak audience of 8.3 million people witnessing a special moment in England’s history. Making the bout between England and New Zealand free-to-air was an excellent move and it allowed everyone to come together and witness Ben Stokes become a national hero.

England’s Test captain, Joe Root, spoke about what the World Cup triumph can do to help reinstall the sport into the new generation. He said: “It shows it’s a growing game and we’re doing everything we can to widen the reach of it.

“As a team, we talk of leaving the game in a better place when we finish and taking it forward all the time.

“I feel like the way we’ve gone about things in this World Cup has hopefully done that and given an opportunity for the next generation to see what we’ve achieved and want to go on and emulate it.

“I was 14-years-old when I watched that 2005 Ashes series and it was hugely inspiring for me.”

The success of England has grasped the nation, and it is ever-so important that they do not let go. With the 2019 Ashes series commencing at the start of August, the Cricket community must do everything they can to entice and bring in the audience from that World Cup spectacle and transition them into this event. A slightly different entertainment viewing, though, and the slower-paced, less frantic gameplay could repel those viewers and disengage their interest.

This year’s Ashes could reach the highest viewing figures since that 2005 series and England have an excellent chance of prevailing, which again would help inspire and catch the eye of the ‘average’ spectator. If you think England will regain the 2019 Ashes, you can get the best mobile betting offers from this site to place your bet.

The money that has been invested into Cricket since Sky Sports brought the T.V rights has made a positive impact on the sport. However, it is essential that the sport find a way to improve the viewership figures, and this is the perfect time to do so. Winning the World Cup is the greatest achievement a team can provide for their nation, and that was reflected following Sunday’s victory.

Grass-roots for Cricket must inspire and show the younger generation the brilliance of the World Cup and grasp their attention towards the sport. Now is the time to push Cricket and make it a sport people want to play. The more success England have, the easier it will be as the younger generation will look up to these players as role models, thinking ‘I want to be them when I grow up’. It won’t be easy, but Cricket is in the best place it has been in for years, and now is the time to grow.

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