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Cricket online bets and casino themed slots

Here’s how Betting on Cricket is Similar to Betting on Slots

Mobile slots are incredibly popular. There are so many casinos out there that offer a plethora of games for you to choose from and when you do, you will soon find that the graphics are smooth and that the animations leave nothing to be desired. If you have a keen interest in slots then you should know that slots and cricket are actually very similar. In fact, there are even some cricket-themed slots available for you to play as well. If you want to find out more about how the two are similar then you need to first understand the origins of slots.

The History of Slots

The slot machines that were used in the 19th century don’t look too similar to the ones that you’ll see in this century. Technology developed and it made them way more exciting. People just didn’t want to click and spin any more, and they didn’t want to wait until they were told whether they’d won or not either. They wanted to have more control over the game and they also wanted to make the playstyle much faster too. This became increasingly popular over the years and it soon brought about the evolution of themed slots. If you want to play some slot games, click here.

Themed Slots

There’s so much competition between developers online. After all, at one point every slot game looked pretty much the same and this made it hard for anyone to stand out. Developers at the time needed a way to make the games that look bigger and better, and that is when themed slots were born. Developers started to make all kinds of different slot games and they also wanted to make each one unique too. This really did appeal to the general public as it met a demand that nobody really knew existed. The basic fruit machines quickly became themed by everything from movies to sports and even music. That’s when a lot of cricket slots were born.

Cricket Slots

The biggest cricket-themed slot out there is Cricket Star. This game makes you feel as though you are in the heart of a cricket game and you will also have some very iconic pictures on the slots too. This game is designed to appeal to every cricket fan and the animations are absolutely spot-on as well. If you are a fan of cricket, then you may recognise some of the terms and images used but if you’re not then you have nothing to worry about as the straight-forward gameplay is not to be missed.

How are Slots Similar to Cricket?

If you have ever bet on a slot machine before then you will know that the whole thing is very simple. You will choose your bet, then you will be able to wager how much money you want to spend per spin. Some slots give you the chance to bet a very small amount and this is great if you are new to the game. If you have ever bet on cricket before then you’ll be glad to know that the whole thing is in fact very similar. When you bet on the cricket, you will choose a team and you will also be able to choose how much you want to bet as well. On top of that, like slots, you will have other betting options too. You will be able to bet on various outcomes of the game, what the score is going to be and even if there is going to be any stand-out moments as well. So as you can see, the two are very similar and it’s not hard to see how they can both provide you with some level of enjoyment.

Below you’ll find some of the top sporting games that are in a slot format.

Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy is a stand-out slot game that really does have so much to offer. It gives you plenty of fun animations and the soundtrack is great too. If you have never played a game like this before then you’ll be glad to know that it’s super simple and easy to understand. It’s also got some familiar faces too, so you never know, you might end up seeing someone familiar!

Centre Court

Centre Court is another sports-themed slot. It’s got the theme of tennis and when you play, you will soon find that you can get up to 18 free spins. You can also take advantage of a 5x multiplier. This is done through the Free Spins feature. This can be re-triggered if you want, meaning that there really are so many opportunities for you to have a little fun.

Hot Shot

Nothing beats being able to go to the ballgame. You’ll be glad to know that America’s own favourite pastime is now available as an online slot. It doesn’t matter whether you like baseball or not either because like most slot games, it’s super easy to play and you will pick up the rules with ease. Make sure that you keep an eye out for the flaming wild ball if you want to get the best result out of your experience!

Alaskan Fishing

Another hit game is Alaskan fishing. This comes with a huge range of puns and it’s very suited to those who love traditional fishing. When you play you will soon find that the entire game is themed and that there are various ways that you can win too. Check this game out if you want to have a chance of reeling in a big jackpot.

Sure Win The sport of kings is now available as a very humble slot. The horses that you can bet on here are very good in terms of animation and you also get the chance to take advantage of some free spins too. You can customise the gameplay to suit your needs and this is great if you prefer to have more spins and a lower multiplier or if you like to have fewer spins and a bigger multiplier. Either way, there’s so much fun and enjoyment to be had here.

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