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Evolution of Indian cricket and cricket betting in India

Hardik Pandya

Cricket is among the most popular games on the globe and people in India enjoy it competitively and socially. The original game was in Test Match format but cricket later evolved to include the modern-day One Day Cricket and recently the T20. Indian cricket has a huge following not only in India but also in other countries such as England, Australia and Pakistan.  However, you might not know that cricket has cultural significance in the country. 

History of cricket

The rudimentary form of cricket came into being in the early 16th century. The game evolved and expanded from that form to developing deep rules and a huge following. By the 18th century, it had turned into the national sport of England. From there, it started branching out to many other countries, including India, with the test matches played from around 1844. 

British Empire expansion introduced cricket to many parts of the world. Asia and Africa embraced the sport wholeheartedly, as the other commonwealth countries such as Australia did. Brits who went to the countries introduced cricket to the local people who fell in love with it. The subcontinent has been more successful in cricket. 


One great thing about Indian cricket is how it helped unite people in the countries that have embraced it. India is among the countries where cricket helps unite all the areas. That is more predominant when looking at the Indian cricket poster boys – Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. Many people consider the game as pivotal in India’s search for its eventual independence. 

In June 1932, during the Test match of Lord’s against England, over 25,000 people attended, including King of England – also the Emperor of India at the time. Many people believe that the match instilled the nationhood belief in Indians and was instrumental in helping the country claim its independence. 


England was the dominating force in cricket before the year 1952 when India recorded the first test victory. At the time, Pakistan also received a Test status that would later start a rivalry between the two neighbours. The blending of cultures proved crucial in assisting the two sides to build bonds. There were more developments in the world of cricket with countries like Australia and South Africa developing more intense cricketing cultures. Later the countries developed teams, which enjoyed great success. In particular, Australia enjoyed an intense rivalry with England. 

More recently, English cricket has enjoyed a merciful journey but the blend of cultures has remained. Within the last one or two decades, many people from other countries have represented England. A quick example, Andrew Strauss and Kevin Pietersen were born in South Africa and Anthony Stokes was born in New Zealand. Graeme Hick, born in Zimbabwe, also represented England. 

But first, how is cricket betting in India?

Even though India does not have any national sport, cricket would be the national sport if there was one. The fantastic game is more like one of the religions in the country because it brings people together and helps them forget their many differences, even if it is only for a short time. When the major cricket matches are on, such as the ones involving their long-time rivals Pakistan, most people will stay glued to their television screen until the matches end. 

Watching India Premier League (IPL) cricket matches with your family or friends is a better way of passing time, but placing bets will help you make it more interesting. Watching the matches with other fans is a great experience, but you will feel better after winning some money at the end of the day. But before placing bets on cricket, you should read this killer IPL betting article to know about best betting sites in India. You can also go ahead and learn betting rules related to Indian cricket.

You should also know the weather conditions because they affect the results of each match. A quick example, the ball swings considerably during an overcast day, therefore, giving the batsmen challenges. But when the sun is out, the cricket ball does not swing and the batsmen find it easy to score runs. So, before placing any bets, you should remember to analyse the conditions. 

Things like the weather, grass and soil on the pitch have effects on the outcome of each game. When the soil is hard and the pitch has no grass, the bowlers extract a good bounce and pace. When the pitch has grass covering, seam and swing movements will exist. The cricket pitches in India are spin bowling conducive because they are dry. 

In addition to analysing the pitch, you should also take stats of the cricket players. Type the name of players in the search engines and wait for the results. The search engine will provide you with information about how the players have performed recently, which is the information you need to win. 


You can place cricket live bets on your favourite Indian cricket teams but to win more money than you lose, analyse every match. Cricket is popular in India and it forms part of many discussions. Remember to analyse the weather, pitch and the stats of players before placing any bet. 

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